Why do people cheat in love


When you first fall in love with someone certain chemicals are released in your body that gives you the sensation of pleasure, joy and excitement. Later on these chemicals disappear and the feelings of love are felt through intimacy and closeness instead of butterflies in the stomach.

When a man meets another woman other than his wife and finds her attractive these chemicals are released once again whether he is a cheater or not. At this point cheaters go for the new relation while honest people avoid giving in to the feelings of attraction they felt.

People who don’t understand this concept might cheat

When this happens to a cheater he never realizes that the attraction he feels towards that person results from the hormones that are released in his body but instead he thinks that he loves that new person more than his spouse.

Cheaters might say something like:

  • I experience new feelings when i see her that i don’t experience with my wife anymore

  • I am more motivated to see him than to see my husband

  • I never seem to get bored of her

When we formulate these terms scientifically they become as follows:

  • I forget how those chemicals felt like, with that new person i can feel them again

  • More chemicals are pumped into my body when i see him than when i see my husband

  • i don’t think those chemicals will ever stop being released (the same thought that he first got when he married his wife)

How to prevent cheating?

Most of the cheaters who understand this concept stop cheating simply because they realize that they are just chasing chemicals and not real feelings. In my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i explained how both partners should understand the fact that chemicals won’t last forever and that intimacy must take over such feelings in order for the relationship to survive.

People who cheat chase a mirage then sooner or later will find that the chemicals they were after disappeared once again and this is where serial cheating comes from.

If you know a person who cheats on somebody then let him read this article. If you cheat then now you know that you are only going after chemicals and that you not in love with someone else.

Isn’t there any way to restore these chemicals?

Yes you can restore these chemicals to your existing relationship by doing things such as increasing the eye contact and experiencing exciting events together. For more information on this topic read my article how can i love my husband again.

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