The Negative Talk To Yourself

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The Negative Talk To Yourself

Talk of the same is a process that occur naturally to all people while thinking, but the real problem occurs when the talk turns to negative language make you feel sad and confirm your erroneous beliefs about yourself. Examples of negative talk of the same:

My clothes very bad day, it must be something else wore

Why did not you smiling at me? Certainly hated

Everyone does not love me

How did the most successful in this, certainly I failed

i I’m nothing compared to these people

I have delayed certainly will not be continued in Maadi

What are the risks of negative talk of the same

The negative talk the same stems from the false beliefs that believe about yourself, for example, that you feel you are not loved person, it is possible that the negative takes you speak this figure “certainly would not call me one because everyone hated.”

How to overcome the negative talk the same

If you want to overcome the negative talk you will have to face the questions, for example, in the previous example had to ask yourself those questions immediately:

Does everyone really hate me?

Do I have proof of that?

Is this just my thinking or is it that a Li said this already?

Whenever you encounter talk negative of questions and whenever accept nothing without whenever helped guide yourself to overcome the thinking that way, until you find yourself in the end think positively without any effort.

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