Stress Management – Dealing With The Stress

Stress Management - Deal With The Stress

Stress Management – Deal With The Stress


Stress Management – Dealing With The Stress

You might feel stressed when you find yourself pressured by a lot of tasks that you have to finish, when you have unfinished work that should be done before a certain time or when you find yourself under some kind of pressure for a long period of time.

If you noticed how you behave while being under stress you will find yourself unable to accept any external input even if it was in form of little noise.

When you become stressed your mind’s resources become locked up and busy processing something else which makes it hard for you to accept any other external input.

Stress management tips

The following stress management tips can help you deal with your stress and reduce it to a great extent:

  • Eliminate external stress promoting factors: The first thing you can do to deal with stress is to eliminate as many external factors as you can that increase your stress. Some of the external factors that can increase your stress are noise, untidy workplace or bad lighting.
  • Exercise: Another very powerful thing you can do to reduce stress is to exercise. Stress consumes your mental resources. If you started exercising you will use your muscles while putting no load at all on your mind or mental resources. After you finish exercising you will find that stress was greatly reduced. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from implications of stress than people who don’t.
  • Healthy diet: Following a healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables and that does not contain alcohol can help much in stress reduction.
  • Reduce smoking: Contrary to your common beliefs smoking increases stress levels. It’s just the way you breath that makes you feel relaxed while smoking and not the cigarette itself.
  • Choose your emotions: Most of the emotions you experience are a result of your choices. Yes you chose to become stressed when you faced these situations and that’s why it kept happening. If your subconscious mind had a better option other than making you stressed it would have used it instead. See the link below for more information on choosing your emotions
  • Laugh: Laughter can help a lot in reducing stress. Use humor as much as you can.
  • Use CBT: Use CBT Which is a method of therapy that can be used to help you change your thoughts and prevent your stress from being triggered in the first place
  • Relaxation techniques: Using relaxation techniques can help you be in control and reduce the effect of stress
  • Reframing: Using a technique such as NLP reframing to view the situation differently can reduce your stress. Reframing in simple words is a technique that can help you see the positive aspects of a situation rather than seeing the negative ones.

    Yes You can choose your emotions!!

    contrary to common beliefs lots of the emotions we experience in our daily lives are a direct result of our choices.

    I know that this might sound unbelievable at first but here is an example that will make it clear. I want you to decide now that the next time you find yourself about to feel stressed you will control your emotions instead of becoming stressed.

    The next time you face a stressful situation the following will happen:

    1) At the beginning you will feel stressed a little bit

    2) If you remembered your decision you are going to say something like “no no i won’t allow myself to feel stressed”

    3) you won’t feel that stressed

    4) Finally you will end up feeling stressed again because you will find that you dont have any other option.

    So if in the end you won’t be able to choose your emotions after this struggle then why bother trying? Read this article to know how to control your emotions.

    You just need another option to be able to control your emotions

    I am sure you noticed that you succeeded in controlling your emotions a little bit but on finding no other options you gave in to the emotion.

    So what you can do here is provide your subconscious mind with other options and it will pick the best option it finds upon facing the same situation. The other option could be something like a new belief like “stress won’t help me” or “i will be able to finish my task in a better way if i didn’t become stressed.”

    know that when you are under stress or when you experience an unwanted emotion you won’t be able to access all of your mind’s resources and so you may end up taking an emotional decision instead of a rational one.

    You should also remind yourself that prolonged bad emotions can result in depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be the result of prolonged bad emotions that you are not dealing with.

    Learn How To Relax

    learning how to relax is one of things that can help you much in dealing with a stressful condition. learning to be more relaxed will make you more in control and will reduce the intensity of the stress you have.

    As soon as you learn a new relaxation technique your subconscious mind will consider relaxation one of the options available and so it may choose it instead of choosing stress.

    This is how your mind works, it looks for the best option available then it applies it even if that option was a bad emotion. Just make sure you always have another option other than experiencing the unwanted emotion and you won’t have any problem in choosing your emotions.

    Emotions can be controlled and you can choose to experience the emotions you like provided that you understand this concept and apply it well.

    Managing unwanted emotions through relaxation

    Relaxation is a very effective method that can be used in dealing with stress,anxiety or fears.

    When you become relaxed your mental resources become more free and you become much more capable of taking correct decisions. Relaxation can even make you feel more confident because it increases the sense of being in control.

    By learning how to relax you can reduce the daily amount of stress you face. You usually experience unwanted emotions because you don’t have any other choice. By introducing a new choice to your subconscious mind which is relaxing and controlling yourself stress and anxiety will have less effect on you.

    Relaxation can give you access to your mind’s resources

    Relaxation will also allow you to have access to all of your mind’s resources. Under the effect of emotions it might be hard to think rationally or to make efficient use of your memory. Relaxation allows you to be more in control and so it allows you to access all of your mind’s resources.

    There are many relaxation techniques that you can do in order to get into a relaxed state.The following are some of the famous relaxation techniques:

    Relaxation Techniques

    • Deep breathing: The first thing you can do in order to relax is to breath deeply. Throughout our lives we may have learned to breathe quickly and this habit increases our anxieties and stress. Try now to take few deep breaths with a very slow rate and see how you feel. You will probably find that you are much more relaxed. Try to train yourself so that this way of deep breathing becomes your normal way of breathing.
    • Use suggestions: The second thing you can do in order to relax is to use suggestion. By repeating words or phrases in your mind like “relaaaax” or “I’m going into a deep relaxation state” your subconscious mind will get programmed. Your subconscious mind can be programmed by suggestions and so this suggestion will help you in relaxing faster .
    • Visualization: Visualization is also very helpful. You can imagine yourself sitting in very relaxing place like for example sitting beside the sea or any imaginary place you can create that can help you relax. Note that visualization is also a form of sending suggestions to your subconscious mind.
    • Focus on each part: You can start to focus on each part of your body alone and then relaxing it. First think of your right hand then relax it, then move to the left hand and relax it, then to your foot and so on until you relax your whole body. It can be very helpful to first tighten each muscle before relaxing it. This can make you experience relaxation in a deeper way .
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