My life is messed up – What Should i Do

My life is messed up

My life is messed up

My life is messed up – What Should i Do

Is your life messed up?

I got an email from one of the readers telling me that his life is so messed up. Actually this is not the first email i get from readers about the same topic.

Some readers say that everything is going wrong in their lives, that they faced certain devastating setbacks that prevented them getting what they wanted in life and that they don’t have any resource that can help them realize their goals.

I truly understand how can a person’s life be messed up in such a way because i have already been there. I found that the best way to give hope to those people is to tell them how messed up my life was and how it is today.

How messed up my life was

When i was 14 i almost had no friends. I was so introverted and somehow socially awkward. Bullies used to pick me from within hundreds of people because i seemed like a really interesting target.

During that time my family was having financial problems because the goverment stole most of the properties they had before i was born under the name of communism.

I never had the courage to speak to a woman. I remember i used to become so scared when a woman was around. I used to remain silent in social gatherings because i was too afraid to talk.

Add to this my failure to get good grades to join computer science department after i already spent a year in engineering. At this point everything was wrong, no goals, no future, not enough money and even worse no friends!.

This is a good definition of a messed up. Because i was a passive person who rarely did anything to change his life i just used to do nothing and hope that life gets better but it didn’t.

One day i started to really worry about my future and that was the day when i realized that if i didn’t do anything now my life will remain messed up until i die. That was the spark that motivated to move and do something about it. I just didn’t want to end up like a loser.

How i changed all this

I started moving forward for the first time in my life, I started taking actions and improving my life by a tiny bit every day. Inch by inch things started to change until my life became totally different.

I became so social that i couldn’t remember many of the names of the people i know. I became a millionaire in my twenties and i am driving my dream car.

I became so confident that i started to attract many women. I started having fans and secret admirers. I get gifts from anonymous admirers often at my home address.

I became popular in the town i live in. I started getting television interviews and i appeared on so many popular shows. I started getting invitations to come as a motivational speaker to help people change their lives.

My life is messed up – What Should i Do
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