My Life is bad .. Why ??

My Life is bad !

My Life is bad .. Why ??

How many times have you found yourself in situations that you never wanted to face?

How many times have you felt that your life is so messed up?

How many times have you found yourself losing control of your life?

How many times have you wished to be someone else or even wished to die?

These moments might be very familiar to you, the moments where you wish that your life ends just because you don’t know what to do. Such moments are experienced by the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown, the young and the old but there is a certain category of people who are immune to these moments because they refuse to let them come into their lives.

I Refuse

Whenever you face any of these bad moments and whenever you find your life going in a direction that you aren’t satisfied with stop doing what you are doing and start to refuse. Refusing to submit to bad life conditions doesn’t happen by talking nor does it happen by changing your state of mind but it happens by taking actions.

Refuse to be a victim by changing your beliefs about life, refuse to have bad moods and depression by reading about self help and understanding yourself more, refuse to fail by learning how not to give up, refuse to lose hope by being persistent, refuse to be poor by working harder, refuse to be sad by changing everything that is bothering you, refuse to hate your job by doing something that you like, refuse to be taken advantage of by being assertive and refuse to be lost by setting clear goals.

Why am I suffering?

Few years ago I felt bad because I lacked self understanding and I didn’t understand the reasons for the bad moods I used to get but I refused to feel confused and I started learning psychology until I became an expert.

Two years ago I used to hate my job, I hated the office life and I hated to be controlled by a boss. I refused to feel bad by starting my own website which is now bringing me five times my salary at that time.

Few years ago I used to be very slim and my classmates used to bully me, I refused to be weak by going to the gym, learning kickboxing, Aikido and street fighting.

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