How To Overtake Unexpected or Undesirable Events

How To Overtake Unexpected

How To Overtake Unexpected

How To Overtake Unexpected or Undesirable Events

Do you find that everything is going against you?

Do you feel bad because something unexpected happened?

Are you disappointed because your expectations were not met?

If I were you I wouldn’t have felt bad but i would have just considered it some kind of feedback that notifies me that i should change my strategy.

Change Is a Fact That You Should Accept

One thing that can cause pain to many people is the belief that life should always be stable or that their expectations should always be met.

This is an unachievable fantasy and things work a bit differently in real life. Change is a normal part of everyone’s life and it’s normal that at any point of your life you face new and unexpected situations.

Crying will not solve anything, nor will feeling bad and sorry for yourself change the situation; on the contrary, these depression-related feelings will only slow you down. What you must do is accept the fact that change is a natural part of life then try to change your strategy to adapt to the new situation.

Remove the Negative Options From Your Subconscious Mind

When anything bad happens your subconscious mind scans its database for available options and solutions. Upon finding a solution, it applies it whether it was something completely unhelpful like getting depressed or a positive action that can be applied to your benefit.

The main step towards being able to face new situations is to remove the option of getting disappointed or of being depressed. These are not just words of encouragement, they are practical things that you could do. You should decide now that the next time things change or go against you, you will not feel bad nor get disappointed. Bottom line is: being down is not an option.

How to Deal with Unexpected Change

so what to do next? Upon getting rid of those unwanted options your subconscious mind will start to dig for new ideas. You will promptly be amazed to find that you are finding new ways to deal with your problems other than feeling beaten up or hopeless.

Another important point is that being prepared to face changing conditions will also make you feel less disappointed when bad things happen. I am not saying that you should be pessimistic but you should accept change as a fact and so not panic when something bad happens.

Do you know what managers do? They just go to their office, face tens of new unexpected situations every day and then try to find solutions for dealing with them. They may take new actions, add new policies or even completely change the company’s strategy based on the new circumstances, but they never feel helpless!!

You too should consider yourself a manager of your own life. When something unexpected happens don’t feel bad but just try to change the way you approach your problems, be flexible, work harder, study more, pray to God or even start your task all over again. In short, just do anything other than feeling down.

Just like water takes the shape of any container it’s put into so should you adapt to any new conditions or problems that face you.

Final Words about Handling Unexpected Changes

If you were sitting in a lit room then suddenly the light went out you may not see anything for few seconds but then gradually you will start to see the objects around you.

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